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Buzios by night -

Brazil | Buzios (or Armação Búzios) is a city pertaining to the State of Rio de Janeiro, in the Brazilian coast to 190 kilometres to the east of Rio de Janeiro. This old village of fishermen today is a tourist destiny that attracts every year tourists from abroad and from Brazil in search of its beaches and nocturnal life. On one side it receives equatorial currents and the other one, current of the South Pole, which causes that it has simultaneously beaches with warm waters and cold water. The main beaches which stand out are Geribá, João Fernandes, Ferradura, Ferradurinha, Strickles, Manguinhos, Tartaruga, Brave and Olho-of-Boi, this last one reserved for the practice of nudism. Their strong winds are ideal for the practice of the candle and the free flight. It is a city that lodges diverse cultures with a great number of foreigners. Great at night, with bars and cafe, Buzios remember a bit at the French Riviera of long time ago. Buzios alternate luxury to simple. You still have the old fisherman on the pier selling is fish in morning and big Yacht parked no far away. Buzios is a dream place. In the last few years Buzios accommodations are becoming more expensive, but you will still be able to find cheap Buzios hotels, apartments and pousadas under 50 dollars a day, keep an eye on hotels special offers.

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Pousada Ilanga Hotel Buzios from 43
Meu Sonho Hotel Buzios from 44
Pousada Alcobara Hotel Buzios from 44
Pousada Kybalion Hotel Buzios from 45
Barra Da Lagoa Hotel Buzios  from €45
Hotel Doce Mar Buzios from 49

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