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Budapest by night

Hungary | Budapest .. is the capital of Hungary. With the green parks completely filled of charming pleasures, the museums that will inspire, and a night life that got no equality to his European counterparts, Budapest is one of Europe most charming and more pleasant cities. It consist of two very diverse cities, Buddha in the West Bank of the river of the Danube and Pest on the East Bank. Budapest it offers to travellers Viennese romanticism in an affordable price. The most important objects of interest of the city are on the bank of the Danube. On the western, Budaer side rises the rocky Gellértberg with the freedom statue and the citadel. Because of the foot of the mountain the Gellért hotel with thermal bath continues to be as well as river downward the main's building of the technical and economic university. North the Gellértberges lies the castle mountain with the former royal castle. It accommodates today the national library, the national gallery as well as the city museum. Beside the castle the seat of the Hungarian president is in the klassizistischen Sándor palace


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Domino Hostel Budapest   map from €12
Oriental Hotel Budapest   map from 25
Hotel Rila Budapest   map from 28
Budai Hotel Budapest   map from €30
Hotel Mediterran Budapest  map  from €32
Bara Hotel Budapest  map from €33
Carmen Mini Hotel Budapest   map from €34
Fortuna Hotel Budapest   map from €37
Charles Hotel Budapest   map from €39
Veritas Hotel Budapest   map from 40

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Hotel reviews  in Hungary:

Budapest Gyor Hajduszoboszlo
Heviz Lake Balaton Siofok

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   Hotels under 50 in Hungary:

B Balatonfured, Budapest Buk
D Debrecen
E Eger
G Gyor, Gyula,
H Hajduszoboszlo, Heviz
K Kecskemet Komarom-Esztergom
L Lake Balaton
M Miskolc
P Pecs
S Sarvar, Siofok, Sopron, Szeged
Z Zalakaros


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